Tips for Creating Cherished Memories on Vacation with Your SeniorSpending vacation time together is a beloved tradition for many families. For many people, this is a rare chance to spend quality time together, relax, and really connect. It is also a wonderful time to make memories all of you can treasure well into the future. For you as a family caregiver, this can be particularly meaningful. Making memories with your aging parent is a way to stimulate their mind, support their mental sharpness and memory recall, and give more depth and meaning to your caregiver relationship with them. Vacation is the ideal time to make these memories so you can carry them with you into the future.

Use these tips to create cherished memories on vacation with your senior:

  • Take pictures at the welcome centers for each state you drive through on a road trip. This has the added benefit of encouraging them to get up and move around, which is important for circulation and preventing blood clots
  • Plan special “welcome bags” for everyone to give them when you check into the hotel. Fill it with little gifts for the trip. These can be useful items such as hand sanitizer and sunscreen, as well as fun items such as themed sunglasses or shirts
  • Find old vacation pictures from a previous visit to the same destination and recreate the pictures. You can then date them, add captions, and put them together in a scrapbook for comparison
  • Create fun pictures such as having your children lie on the beach next to their names written in the sand, then write your parent’s name in the sand and have them sit in a chair beside it. Be sure to add the date
  • Ask your parent to be the “narrator” of a day in your vacation. Teach them to use the video feature on your phone or use a small video camera, and encourage them to record activities you do while talking about them. You can have each member of your family take a turn as well

There is a common misconception that home care is only for seniors who are very elderly, or who have extensive care needs. This is simply not the case. An in-home care provider it can be valuable to your elderly parent even if they only have mild to moderate needs. The highly personalized nature of the services offered by such a care provider means they will care for your parents exactly as it is appropriate for them, while supporting their highest quality of life. For a senior who only has mild to moderate needs, or who has more extensive needs that are well-managed, a care provider can be a valuable way to boost independence, activity, and engagement. This care can help save time, help your parent to conserve energy, and can give them the opportunity to participate in more activities. When it comes to taking a vacation with your family, having home care available means your parent can participate in the ways that are right for them while managing their challenges and needs, and can feel more confident that the entire family will be able to enjoy their vacation because you will not have to see to all of their needs yourself. 


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