Home Care in Glendale AZ: Can Online Grocery Shopping Benefit My Aging Relative? Many elderly adults rely on family members, friends and home care providers to help them out when they are faced with challenges from disease, disability, surgery or other age-related condition. Even the simplest tasks may be difficult for these seniors, such as bathing, dressing, housekeeping and pet care.

If elderly adults cannot do the small tasks associated with independent living, how can they accomplish big tasks like grocery shopping? Online grocery shopping is growing more popular each year as this innovative service spreads to even rural communities. August is Shop for Groceries Online Month, so family caregivers and their aging loved ones can give it a try.

Why Seniors Should Try Online Grocery Shopping

Millions of people shop successfully online for numerous items, from clothes and toys to makeup and electronics. However, many didn’t have access to grocery shopping options until recently. Many grocery store chains now offer websites where customers can select items for a virtual shopping cart. They pay with a bank card or credit card online and schedule a delivery time. This is very convenient for elderly adults that may not have access to transportation or who are housebound or even bedridden.

Seniors that depend on family caregivers and home care providers often want to stay as independent as possible. Even though they must rely on others for some basic tasks like bathing, dressing, housekeeping and laundry, seniors still try to do a lot of things on their own. Online grocery shopping is something they can do for themselves to help maintain some independence. All it takes is a working computer and a bank card. Aging adults should take advantage of Shop Online for Groceries Month and give it a try.

Online Grocery Shopping Benefits Family Caregivers, Too

Elderly adults are not the only people that can benefit from online grocery shopping. Family caregivers are always short on time after attending to their own families and their jobs because their free time is devoted to their aging loved ones. Online grocery shopping is a real time-saver for family caregivers. They can do the shopping at their own convenience and then schedule a time for the delivery when they or a home care provider is home with the elderly adult.

Online grocery shopping provides many other benefits as well—it helps the shopper stick to a budget because they know exactly how much the groceries will cost before checkout. There’s no impulse buys at the checkout, thereby saving money. Finally, stores often offer online coupons that are automatically applied so shoppers save even more.

During Shop Online for Groceries Month, it’s certainly worth it for aging adults and family caregivers to give it a try. Online grocery shopping is quickly growing in popularity as an alternate for driving to a grocery store, parking, doing the shopping, checking out and driving home. Shop Online for Groceries Month may help elderly adults and family caregivers save both money and time. Home care providers can also help seniors order their groceries online, and drive them to the store for pick-up. This can save time and energy that could be put toward other activities that home care providers can do with seniors, like light exercise, going to doctor appointments or playing brain-beneficial games.


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