angieswaimAngie Swaim, Regional COO

Angela Swaim became a Golden Heart Senior Care Franchise Owner in August 2018. After serving on the senior leadership team of Golden Heart-Sun City AZ for the past 7 years. From early childhood, Angie dreamed of helping people with special needs. During her early career she taught children with disabilities and health impairments. Upon earning her M.A.Ed. (Counseling and Guidance), she served as a High School Counselor for nearly 25 years. Around the year 2000, Angie and her family experienced some traumatic life-changing events. Her then nine-year-old son was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness; and then her mother was diagnosed with early-onset familial Alzheimer’s disease. Her son is now a successful transplant recipient. However, after nearly a decade of struggling with Alzheimer’s, her mother passed away in 2010. During these years, Angie and her family felt helpless and hopeless due to the lack of resources and support available to Alzheimer’s patients and their families. Angie (and her family) persevered and cared for her beloved mother to the end.

Upon reflection, Angie unexpectedly found herself being called into an entirely different career field. She wanted to translate the grief of that helpless and hopeless experience into making a difference for other frail aged people and their loved ones. Through her family’s devastating events, Angie gained the empowerment to use all the years of experience in her previous career, plus her new personal understanding, and captured a vision of how she wanted to spend the rest of her life – Thus she arrived at Golden Heart’s door, and in an overwhelming interview experience, discovered that her vision matches the vision of Golden Heart. She rolled up her sleeves and began working from the ground up.

She serves with passion…

Her position evolved from a front-line Caregiver in September 2011 to multiple promotions, and she was appointed Chief Operations Officer in 2015. She has resourcefully served Seniors and professionally mentored Care Staff through the years. Angie is passionate about making a difference for Clients and their families. She demonstrates this passion through offering leadership, education and counseling support, and most of all through her heart-felt care and concern. Daily, Angie intertwines laughter through the pain, breathes hope into the spirit, and offers peace to the mind.

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Linda SmithLinda Smith, RN Case Manager

Linda is a 1972 graduate of Easton Hospital School of Nursing, a 3 year diploma school of nursing located in Easton, PA. * In 1900 the School of Nursing officially opened with Grace Keller as the first student nurse. The program grew from a one year program to a three year program. By the 1960’s there were 17 members on the faculty and the program was ranked 30th in the state among the 106 nursing schools. As community colleges assumed a greater role in nursing education, the school closed in 1975. In Linda’s Home Health Nursing rotation in Nursing School, there was the beginning of an interest in this aspect of care, but being newly married, graduating from Nursing School, and obtaining RN Licensure, further education was not an option. (In Easton, PA, Home Health Nurses were required to have a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing.) Early employment ranged from “just a job” in a Long-term Care Facility, to a Physician’s Office, back to a Long-Term Care Facility. Two babies later, the family relocated to Phoenix, AZ where Linda finally found a very satisfying niche in Home Health Nursing. Another move 4 years later, “just a job” again took precedence until 2001, when she found another satisfying niche, training Nursing Assistants for The American Red Cross, Greenville Technical College in Greenville, SC and Trendsetter’s CNA Academy in Youngtown, AZ over the next 11 years. Always in the back of her mind was the desire to return to Home Health Nursing, but nothing really worked out until she met Golden. Strangely enough, Linda and Golden met through a new CNA who had been a student in the final class of Trendsetter’s CNA Academy. Linda’s compassion for helping others, shows through in her hard work ethic and dedication to Golden Heart’s clients. She has become one a valued member to the Golden Heart team.

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