How Do I Know It’s Time to Hire an Elderly Care Provider?It’s inevitable that an elderly man or woman may reach a point where doing basic tasks of self-care and around the house become too challenging. From falling behind on laundry to falling while getting out of the shower, there are many obstacles they face as their physical and mental abilities diminish. Even seniors who are spending too much time in isolation, recovering from surgery or living with a chronic illness encounter difficulties in living on their own. That’s why more families than ever are hiring elderly care providers.

An elderly care provider is a professional that is trained to assist seniors with various disabilities. Senior can receive help with all kinds of things, from bathing, dressing and grooming to housekeeping, laundry and meal preparations. The elderly care provider can be scheduled regularly to show up and take care of a range of duties, so the aging adult doesn’t have to.

Making the decision to hire an elderly care provider is a good one, but how do family caregivers know when it’s time? Here are some ways to tell when an elderly care provider is needed in a senior’s home.

Diminished Quality of Life

The biggest clue as to whether an aging person needs an elderly care provider is their quality of life is lowering. If the house is not clean and there are no fresh clothes to wear, it means that the senior is having a hard time coping. Other clues are empty cupboards and refrigerator shelves, dirty rooms, and piles of dishes and laundry. An elderly care provider would step right up and resolve these issues.

Periods of Isolation

If the elderly person must spend long hours alone between visits from family caregivers, they are at risk of being too isolated. This can lead to loneliness, anxiety and depression. Physically, isolation can lead to health issues like high blood pressure, nutrient deficiencies, dehydration, and forgetting to take medicine. An elderly care provider can not only assist seniors, but be a helper, monitor and companion.

Stressed Family Caregivers

It can be a life-changing shift when family caregivers begin to care for an elderly relative. Not only do they have all the responsibilities and challenges in their own life, but an elderly person’s needs, too. It can be difficult to find the balance between caregiving and respite. Hiring an elderly care provider relieves family caregivers of many tasks that can cause burnout.

These are only a few clues that help family caregivers and elderly adults decide when it is time to hire an elderly care provider. If the goal is keeping the aging adult safe, clean and healthy at home, there’s no better alternative than an elderly care provider service.


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