bobrobert Pratt, Founding Partner – Regional CSO, chose Elder Care as his final venture, after a highly successful sales and marketing career in the electronic components industry – doing over $20,000,000 in annual sales.

  • In 2009, he collaborated with the national Golden Heart Senior Care franchise entrepreneurs to sell this powerful Home Care model.
  • Bob then boldly set out to establish the pilot franchise, located in Arizona. He is the “founding” franchisee with Golden Heart Senior Care, and has also served corporately to help new franchise owners get started. He and his wife Judy opened the Arizona franchise during 2010 in the Sun City area.
  • Strategically, in July 2011, Bob brought Golden Kennedy in as a Franchisee Partner. She oversees the business – allowing him time to concentrate on public relations in the Greater Community and with our Industry Partners and Vendors.

He is passionate about protecting seniors

  • Bob counts it a blessing to be a home care franchise owner, and this is a surprising finish to his career! When he discovered the magnitude of elder abuse and fraud in our nation, it lit a fire under him.
  • He is passionate about protecting seniors from financial predator scams and unethical contractors — and proudly serves on the Maricopa Elder Abuse Pre¬ven¬tion Association (MEAPA) Financial Exploitation Committee, and is currently working toward the development of some unique community outreach programs focusing on elder safety issues.

As a man who keeps his word even when others don’t, he is on a visionary mission to make Golden Heart Senior Care a leader in protecting this valued generation from all forms of fraud and abuse.