goldengolden Kennedy joined Bob and Judy Pratt as a Franchise Owner in mid-2011. She serves as the CEO, providing visioneering and strategic leadership for the  development of quality systems and innovative care programs.

Mrs. Kennedy is driven to lift the standards of Eldercare in America. In 2014, she was appointed Senior Vice President of Operations for the national franchise  group – Golden Heart Senior Care, Inc. She is fully dedicated to assist agencies in  establishing excellent services based on quality, compassion, and sound principles.

From the age of 4, she remembers being drawn to all the “oldies” in her small home town. Every morning she would skip out the front door, making her rounds to all her elderly friends  who waited for her on their porches. Her days were filled with listening to their stories as she  brushed their hair, massaged their hands, and pulled hairs growing out of the old men’s ears. Most of all, those grand old friends filled her heart and mind with a wealth of wise counsel and  a reverence for their generation.

Golden is a woman of faith, and knows that she was providentially called to partner with Bob and Judy to develop Golden Heart. She is passionate about many things, but three things you can be sure of…

  • She leads by example and works tirelessly among you to provide our Clients with excellent care that encourages their self-determination and ensures their dignity.
  • She esteems you as a valued member of the Golden Heart Team, and will support you to reach your full potential – both personally and professionally.
  • As the Face of Golden Heart, she expects you to personify Golden Heart with integrity, compassion, and a great attitude as you provide excellent care to our treasured Clients.

“Put our Clients first, and you will be first with us!”