Kaylie Love joined Golden Heart Senior Care very recently, yet it feels as though she has been part of the Golden Heart family much longer.

Kaylie began her journey in elder care when working as a dietary aid at a local rehab center. She’s a natural in elder care, and the rehab center management were so impressed with her ability to connect with the residents, the facility paid for her Caregiver Certification training. This provided her an opportunity to serve the elderly in a broader capacity, where she continues to excel.

Kaylie is pursuing a career in healthcare, and is currently enrolled in Phoenix College to further her education.

Since joining Golden Heart, Kaylie has jumped right in! She has gone above and beyond for her clients and teammates. Also, she has been exceptional in the effective use of SmartCare technology, keeping management informed of clients’ care issues.

In her free time, she enjoys exercising and music. Her passions are mentoring children and caring for the elderly.


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